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The Black Lips

Surfbort And The Nude Party

May 2

Doors: 8:00 pm /

Show: 9:00 pm

14.00 / Day Of : $16.00

The story of the Black Lips began in Dunwoody, Georgia, a quiet, conservative
suburb of Atlanta, in the year 1999. Born of a mutual love of Link Wray, The Stooges,
and The Ramones, and sealed through a shared dedication to defiance, the band formed
after childhood friends Jared Swilley and Cole Alexander were kicked out of Dunwoody
High for separate, yet equally bad, behavior. The former classmates took their love of
music and restless energy and channeled it into their newly found free time, and joined by
friends Ben Eberbaugh and Joe Bradley, the Black Lips started playing shows around
Atlanta, at house parties and bars. They spent this time honing their sound – garage rock
infused with blues, psychedelia, and punk, plus a healthy dose of reckless abandon – and
released their first 7-inch, “Ain’t Coming Back,” in 2002 on Die Slaughterhouse records
(named in homage to the flophouse den they called home). Shortly before the band was
set to head out on their first ever national tour, Eberbaugh was tragically killed by a
drunk driver. Devastated but determined to carry on in Eberbaugh’s honor, the Black
Lips hit the road as a trio just a few days later.

It’s been 15 years, but that passionate dedication to touring has never left the
band. The Black Lips have released eight full-length albums since that first tour, and have
traveled the country and the world extensively, making a name for themselves as an
electrifying, must-see live act. It helps that the same mischievous spirit that helped speed
up their exit from the educational system is still very much alive, thriving in its new
environment on stage, resplendent with punk rock theatrics and miscellaneous bodily
fluids, amongst other things. The band’s energy and unique “flower punk” sound helped
them build a rabid fan base, and after releasing their first two albums through Bomp!,
they put out the critically celebrated Let It Bloom on In The Red records. This record
garnered the Black Lips features in Spin and Rolling Stone, and they were soon signed to
Vice Records, subsequently releasing Los Valientos Del Mundo Nuevo, an ambitious
album recorded live at a bar in Tijuana, Mexico, in February of 2007.

In their decade-long tenure with Vice, the Black Lips have evolved from wildly
crooning over fuzzy, raucous music at house shows full of kids to wildly crooning over
fuzzy, raucous music at international festivals in front of thousands of fans. They have
toured consistently, with their zeal for travel taking them all over the world, and not
without some international adventure: In 2009 the Black Lips went on their first (and last)
tour of India, playing shows in Bangalore and Mumbai before chaos struck in Chennai
after the band ditched their toned-down presence in favor of classic Black Lips capers,
including some not so well received Lips-locking. After the same sex smooching and
also Alexander baring his butt to the rowdy crowd, the tour’s sponsors pulled out and the
band was nearly jailed, their passports confiscated by the disgruntled promoters.
According to Swilley: “The first few shows, we were being really reserved because we
didn’t want to offend anyone, but they kept telling us to do what we wanted…I guess “do
whatever you want” didn’t include kissing each other, and I think Cole mooned the
crowd, which is a huge no-no. We had to physically wrestle our passports back from the
promoters. It was the scariest 15 hours of my life, but we got out of there.” The band
ended up taking a 200 mile cab ride to the next province and hopped a flight to Berlin,
narrowly escaping Indian prison.

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