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The Grand Shell Game

Emily Musolino Trio, Kerisha Roi

November 24

Doors: 8:00 pm /

Show: 8:30 pm

8.00 / Day Of : $10.00

there’s not much to say about the grand shell game. we, the players, are
flawed. but we do our best. we work within the constraints of a rules
system we did not define, nor do we desire to. we don’t care about the
rules, we care about the players. the rules don’t care about us; it seems
only fair to ignore them. the ones that matter should be common sense,

this is not to say we don’t believe in order. most people, we find, believe
in order. most people, we find, live with a quiet code of decency and
goodness. and for those that don’t, whether for a moment or for a lifetime,
we have found it is often not that goodness and decency are lost on them.
they have simply lost their way. through shame, or fear, or greed.

there is an idea that we can move forward, together. if we can leave behind
our shame, our fear, our greed. if we point at another and say we cannot
change *because of them, *we are preventing ourselves from saying *we can
change*. change does not begin with another, nor is it sustained by others.
change lives within me.

repeat this to yourself. change lives within me.

we are all a part of this grand shell game. but it is only a con if we
play by broken rules. the players define the game, and when we say
enough… when enough say enough…

we can change these times.

the song “Change the Times” was recorded at the Fidelitorium by the band
The Grand Shell Game and friends, including: Charly Lowry (Vocals), Chris
Boerner (Mix+Master), Danny Grewen (Trombone), Danny Abrams (Baritone
Saxaphone), Daniel Fields (Guitars, Vocals), Dylan Turner (Bass, Vocals,
Engineering), Estabon Gonzalez (Trumpet), e-s guthrie (Guitar, Vocals),
Jeff Crawford (Engineering/Production), Joe MacPhail (Keyboards, Vocals),
Kerisha Roi (Vocals), Rob Davis (Drums, Vocals), and Rob DiMauro (Drums,
Vocals). additional recordings were captured at Arbor Ridge Studios and
Scratch Track Studios. Mastering was done at The Kitchen.

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