723, Cuffing Season, Madisinn

Sunday, April 14
Doors: 7pm : Show: 8pm
$12 / Day Of : $15
723 (pronounced seven twenty three) is a genre bending music collective from the North Carolina piedmont. The group was founded in 2021 by trio: Tramaine Bowman (guitarist, pianist), “Space Sam” Gabriel Alvarez (producer, engineer, guitarist) and “Amara” Maxx Alvarez (singer). Throughout 2021 the trio would release 4 singles that would lay the groundwork for the trajectory of the group. The true beginning of 723 saw the release of fan favorite single “ALMOST MEANT TO BE” a playful uptempo ode to a love that could have been. Released on the first day of 2022, it defined a new era for the group which also saw the inclusion of brotherly duo Brandon and Brian Finch (bassist and drummer) With new direction the group set out to produce their debut project. Dividing their time between performing their first shows and recording from Tramaine’s kitchen in Hillsborough, The humble yet lively space in which the groups music is written and rehearsed. The group’s efforts came to fruition in August with the release of “BRIGHT LIGHTS” followed by a near sold out show at Chapel Hill’s Local 506. Met with overwhelmingly positive response the project served as a spring board for the band as they wasted no time on tackling their sophomore up project “To Keep You”, this time featuring Maxx “Amara” as front woman. “Where the songs from their first effort established an audio weightlessness, the five songs from 723’s latest release introduced gravity.” Wrote Dale Edwards, writer for The News of Orange County. “To Keep You” steps firmly into new sonic territory, the project relies heavily on drama and contrast, the cathartic belting vocal performances from Maxx supported by spastic and raw power chords and a heavy hitting rhythm section. It’s vulnerable yet aggressive, pleading for reciprocity while also damning the muse for their indifference, perfectly reflecting the inner turmoil of a love gone sour. Though still being a low-budget DIY production like their debut, it is a considerable step up in fidelity, ambition and creativity. Truly showcasing the band’s dedication to growth and song-craft. Mirroring their last project’s roll out “To Keep You” was followed up by a highly anticipated “home town” summer show at Motorco music hall on 7/23 day which saw more than 200 of 723’s listeners in attendance. With two projects under their belt, today 723 is gearing up for their third, this time placing focus on Gabriel “Space Sam” Alvarez’s songwriting.


Cuffing Season is an emo band based in Durham, NC. Although emo is their core genre, their sound also takes influence from indie, pop, shoegaze and more. They’ve been playing for over 5 years and have played at many venues throughout NC.


Madisinn is the personal project of Madison Grifaldo. Madisinn began writing in her teenage bedroom while she was studying music in school. It wasn’t until leaving music school when she finally decided to create her personal project and release music. Madisinn’s work has been inspired by a blend of artistry from the 70s and the 90s including Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Mazzy Star, The Cowboy Junkies and more. She just released her first studio EP “The Sun on My Skin” which was recorded and produced by her good friend Samuel Beasley. Right now, she is writing and planning on recording new material further into the new year.

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