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Heat Preacher & The Gone Ghosts


Friday, January 10
Show | 8:15pm // Doors | 7:30pm
$7 / Day Of : $8

Coming out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Heat Preacher combines rock, soul, indie, and alternative influences to create their own brand of modern music. They often work on ideas at the beginning of their rehearsals, and these loose improvisations set the foundations for the group’s songs in a few rehearsal’s time.

Heat Preacher has shared the stage with bands like Eyelids, Wild Fur, Reese McHenry, and Youth League. They hope to play in a city near you soon! The band has steadily released singles over the past year, and they plan on releasing a full length LP by the end of 2019. Stay tuned!

Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

The Gone Ghosts is an Alt-Country Americana/Rock band from Carrboro NC, formed by singer/guitarist and songwriter Dave Hedeman and bassist Dillon Partin from The Vagabond Union. Joined by singer/guitarist Justin Bowlin and drummer Scott Jones.

Dave started his music career fronting East Coast college favorite, Puddleduck from 1993 to 2000 before vanishing from the music scene for almost a decade.

In 2008, while moving to Carrboro, Dave had a chance encounter with Jason Isbell, who he credits as his inspiration to re-engage with creating music. “I was moving from South Florida to Carrboro and stopped in Charleston to catch one of his shows at the Pour House,” he recalls. “After the show, I walked up to him and struck up a conversation. At one point I said, ‘I used to be a musician.’ He looked me in the eyes and said, ‘You still are.'”

It was a pivotal moment. Dave found his spirit renewed. And another decade later, he’s bringing to life the lyrics that have haunted his subconscious.

Dave hasn’t spent the intervening ten years laying low. Shortly after his move, he formed The Vagabond Union, based in Charleston, SC, with his long time friend John Kenney. They’ve released two albums with the band.

Still, Dave felt he needed to give voice to deeply personal lyrics that didn’t seem right for The Vagabond Union’s mostly rock sound. So in the Spring of 2018, Dave formed The Gone Ghosts to lean more toward Americana and alt country sound that he holds dear. The Gone Ghosts set out to create their version of American rock music with songs fueled by love, loss and heartache.

Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube