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Stevie, Scott Yoder, Personality Cult

Saturday, August 10
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm
$8 / Day Of : $10


North Carolina trio Stevie plays garage pop seized by heartbreak, and other delights. The band (Lindsey Sprague, Amethyst White, and Chesley Kalnen) released their first single “None of my Business” in September 2018, and began recording their debut full-length album in May 2019. Get your Tender Hearts Club jacket, and pin on your Stevie button.

Links: Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp

Scott Yoder

Energetic and seething with darkness, Scott Yoder’s 3rd single of the year features his touring band at their peak. “You’ll Never Know” is an uptempo, moody track stained with punk & goth grit. It is backed with “Cloaked In Nite”, a folky ballad that lulls you into a trance with his band’s eery & foggy sway.
Links: Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Video

Personality Cult

Personality Cult’s debut LP is short, sassy, snappy, snotty and bursting with razorwire hooks that’ll leave you bleeding but delirious, head spinning from the frantic glory on display. This is powerpop-punk as it was always meant to sound – a nod to the Buzzcocks’ wonky melodicism, a punch in the ribs of Steve Adamyk’s hi-velocity brilliance, a perfectly-aimed loogie in the drink of the Marked Men’s enduring pop timelessness… We are all in the gutter, but some of us brought tunes for dancing and pogo-ing around the record player, so let’s get to it.
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