The Queen Bees


Thursday, May 30
Doors: 7pm : Show: 7:30pm
THE QUEEN BEES are three North Carolina-based multimedia artists: musician and journalist Molly McGinn on guitar and vocals; creative producer and musician Kate M. on violin, vocals and drum; and electronic music producer and anthropologist Quilla on keys, beats and vocals.
The Queen Bees see their music as a way to serve and create community. They weave together traditional acoustic instruments with modern electronic components, creating an original blend of music that uplifts audiences and dances to the rhythm of social change. Their music emphasizes a strong beat, meticulous stringed arrangements, delightful vocal harmonies and bright rhythm guitar. They use the folk tradition of storytelling to bring people together, and shed light on current issues. While pop, Americana and disco are influences in their music, each of their carefully crafted songs is unique and explores topics that are off the beaten path. From navigating climate change, to exploring the history of North Carolina, to supporting drag queens, songs by The Queen Bees are memorable and distinctive. Their collaboration goes beyond the traditional construct of a band because they also create visual stories and cultural experiences for diverse audiences. 

While their work together dates back to collaborative projects as early as 2016, their first official performance as The Queen Bees was at The North Carolina Folk Festival in 2023. The trio has since gone on to perform at numerous festivals and benefit shows across the state, opened for The Piedmont Wind Symphony and appeared on The Martha Bassett Show.
All three Bees are songwriters, arrangers and co-producers of their musical releases. Their first EP, Live at the Flat Iron, was recorded at Triad City Beat’s 10th Anniversary Celebration at The Flat Iron in Greensboro, and was released by Ritual Fire Records in early May, 2024. It is now available on all streaming platforms. Their forthcoming studio album All Ye Outs will be out in the fall of 2024.
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