Rabbit Fighter, The All Things

Thursday, August 08
Doors: 7pm : Show: 8pm
Formed in early 2022 and based in Brooklyn, NY, vagaries is an indie/rock band blending psychedelia, low-fi and dream elements. vagaries consist of gary tedder on guitar and vocals, teresa tedder on keys and danny boivin on drums.
From Talkhouse:
“Open Waves” is our new single and debut video release, which comes on the heels of a 7-inch we self-released last year. This song was written before the formation of the band a few years ago and has taken on many forms. Originally, what was a simple three-minute composition of guitar and vocals has now transformed into a six-minute sonic journey that delves into lo-fi psychedelic indie rock — encompassing not only guitar and vocals, but an array of piano, various synthesizers, drums, bass, accordion, and pre recorded 4-track cassette elements. 
The narrative of this song at its core is about the fleeting moments of joy one finds when we let go of our immediate restraints, worries, and fears, and allow ourselves to be free and grasp at the unknown with childlike fervor; seeking a better state of being, if only in our heads or in moments in time. The narrative of this song can actually be interpreted in many different ways from listener to listener as we write our lyrics in metaphors, but this sums up how we felt about it when we finished it. 
The stop motion video for “Open Waves” continues this narrative as we see it in visual form. Teresa and I started the production a little over a year ago. It began with sketching out scenes and characters that we wanted to include and what their roles would be. We tossed around a lot different ideas as to how to create the characters, but finally settled on making some of them out of clay, and some out of found objects in our home. The entire video was shot and edited at our home and is our first attempt at making a music video, so these homemade characters fit the overall aesthetic. Once the filming and editing were finished, we sent it to Frank Ditto’s Studio for color grading, picture finishing, and additional audio mastering for film.
Just as in the song, you are taken on a journey with the protagonist through stages of seeking a better state of being through imaginary landscapes of mind and then ultimately back again to reality.
Vagaries featured in Rolling Stone Mexico’s “20 Artists You Should Know
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