andmoreagain and Motorco present

TWRP Digital Nightmare 2024 Tour

Trey Magnifique, Nelward

Sunday, April 28
Doors: 7pm : Show: 8pm
$30 to $90 / Day Of : $35
Dial-up internet? Social media? Mobile cellular telephones? Somebody get us out of this Digital Nightmare! This Spring, join TWRP in their decades-late exploration of technology, as they ask all of the wrong questions, aimlessly fumble through deep concepts related to The Computer Era, and perform their genre-blurring synth-rock music across North America.

The sound of the future as imagined in the 1980s. The nostalgic theme song to your favourite childhood cartoon that may have never existed. The hopefulness of someone from the future describing the utopia of tomorrow. Like a paradox of time travel, TWRP is all of these things and yet none of them.

This optimistic fascination with the future, grounded in the nostalgia of the past, is what has shaped TWRP. They are the product of many eclectic styles and eras, crafted into something simultaneously playful, heartfelt, and tongue-in-cheek, all delivered with self-aware bombast and an uncommon musical precision. Old funk, modern electronic, and classic rock converge in their science fiction universe, as if Earth, Wind & Fire, Justice, and Casiopeia provided the soundtrack to a 80s cult classic film directed by John Carpenter.

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Trey Magnifique is the smooth jazz alter ego of musician, comedian, and theoretical physicist Brian Wecht. Best known for his comedy bands Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb, where he performs as the keyboard-playing “Ninja Brian”, as well as his kids’ band Go Banana Go, Brian is one of the most popular comedy musicians in the world. Mature Situations is Brian’s first album as Trey Magnifique, as well as his first solo project.

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Nelward is a music artist from Atlanta GA who describes his style as “broadly influenced art pop”. He also makes videos and animations that have a whimsical and cartoonish style.

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