NoonChorus Live Stream

NoonChorus reconnects artists with their fans.

NoonChorus is an independent community-driven organization that aims to support artists during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Recent events have exposed a longstanding issue within the music industry. The rise of downloading and streaming has made it increasingly difficult for musicians to profit from recorded material, and has forced artists to rely on endless touring cycles.  With live performances grounded due to the recent pandemic, it has left many wondering where musicians will earn their money. 

While video and live-streaming is not a new idea in the music industry, it has long been used as a promotional tool for albums and tours. In light of recent events, it is clear that it is no longer viable for this content to be given away for free. There has been a surge in online performances, but there is not yet a consensus of where musicians can host their live shows on the web. 

NoonChorus is the answer to this problem.