Birds and Arrows

Josh Kimbrough

Friday, September 02
Doors: 6:30pm : Show: 7:30pm

In 2020 the Birds and Arrows began the creation of their 6th full length record.  But recording was cut short due to the first big wave of Covid hitting the US.  Like all musicians during the lockdown, the band had to cancel all tours and shows putting their livelihood as musicians and artists in jeopardy.  Birds and Arrows also had to put all album production on hold for the foreseeable future.

In 2021, the band was able to get back into the studio with new ideas to complete the album which would become “Electric Bones.”

The album was recorded live at Dust and Stone Studios as a full 4 piece band with Andrea Connolly on lead vocals, rhythm guitar and synth soundscapes, Pete Connolly on drums and vocals, Ben Nisbet on lead guitar and Gabriel Sullivan on bass and in role of producer. By this time Gabe had partnered with full time engineer Frank Bair.   

The electricity that happened between the live studio band when they returned from lockdown was palpable.  The visceral excitement fueled by pent up creativity is the spark that formed “Electric Bones.”

“Electric Bones” the new album by Birds and Arrows out August 5th on Hookworm records is a lush combination of moody soundscapes, throwback 70’s groove and classic “in studio” live band sound.

This collection of new songs was written by creative duo Andrea and Pete Connolly and is a wild ride through the psyche of lifelong artists digesting an unexpected pandemic lockdown and processing the communal loss of innocence that came with surviving a world shattering pandemic together.

“Electric Bones” is authentic on every level,  right down to the band’s energetic core performance that burns bright into the studio microphones and shines direct into listeners psyches.  The album is a strong collection of thoughtful compositions, dynamic melody and harmony and stellar vocal performances that hint at despair while still maintaining enough hope to shimmer in the dark.

The album also features an ethereal vocal duet with Brian Lopez (of XIXA and Calexico) called “Saviors of this Town” 

Other special guests include Saul Millan (of Los Esplifs) – Moog manipulation.  Daniel Martin Diaz (of Trees Speak) –  synth on Truth or Consequence.  Chris Pierce (of Katie Haverly and the Aviary) – bass on Radio Shack. Marta DeLeon (of Weekend Lovers) – bass on Saviors of This Town.

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