andmoreagain presents

The Anchor


Tuesday, August 22
Doors: 7pm : Show: 8pm

This is Yours. This is Ours. This is Home.

The Anchor is a five-piece, female-fronted, metalcore band from Denver, Colorado. The Anchor and Linzey Rae have made a name for themselves since the viral explosion of their YouTube series, Metal Kitchen. The Anchor prides themselves on making metalcore accessible and fun for people who don’t generally listen to the genre. Ultimately, The Anchor creates music to help others find a voice of understanding and simply be themselves. We write music with the objective of providing an uplifting message, while promoting the value of self worth. Knowing firsthand the refuge that music can offer away from life’s struggles, we hope to be a voice of understanding and provide a place that someone can call their home. This is so much more than a band, it is a family.

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